In High Cotton by Kelsey Browning & Nancy Naigle
4 Stars
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely love the Grannies… Abby Ruth, Sera, Lil, and Maggie are a boatload of fun. As the grannies attempt to fix Lil’s beloved car the tucker Torpedo before she finds as they also deal with a garbage scandal and stolen art. These quick witted, downright hysterical grannies kept me laugh throughout. This is a great series from two amazingly talent authors that you do not want to miss. I do recommend reading them in order but it is not necessary.

Touch Screen by LB Dunbar

5 Stars

Received in exchange for an honest review


Holy Wow! Gavin Scott is somkin”!

Gavin and Brittion were high school summer lovers in Elk Rapids where Gavin lived and Brittion visited her uncle each summer of high school. After 7 years of being in California Gavin returns to his home town for a film festival and sees Brittion with her son Gee. What Gavin doesn’t expect is to have the same feelings for her that he had then, especially since he has a girlfriend at home. As the spend time together over the course of the two weeks he his home, secrets of the past are revealed and we are left questioning if the secrets are too much for love to overcome.

I have loved LB’s writing from the very beginning and was so excited for this release…she did not disappoint, I loved every second of it. We were introduced to the new characters of Gavin and Brittion and were able to check in one our favorites from early stories. It was overall an amazing read and I look forward to more.

Falling for him by Amy Stephens

5 Stars

Received in exchange for an honest review


WOW! This book was not at all what I expected. The falcon club sounds mysterious and you instantly want to know more, however this is not your everyday “fun” club. When college freshman Erica meets older Jamie, member of the falcon club, in one of her class is she instantly intrigued. Jamie is gorgeous and seems to be interested in Erica at well.

This was not your typical college romance book, In a book that made me heart melt and then made me want to jump into my kindle and beat someone, Amy Stephens has done an amazing job with this book…the ending left my mouth open and my heart racing. Hats off to what promises to be a wonderful series.


JB3 is Back!!! Waited what seemed like forever for this awesome addition to a fabulous series. Love Cassidy and James, the last book left us wondering what will happen.. Cassidy is pregnant and madly in love with James however he has hurt beyond repair and in walks Paul an old flame willing to do anything to have Cassidy back. This book was an emotional rollercoaster but I could not but it down, JB3 is so freaking hot its ridiculous. There are so many surprises in store for readers and they will not be disappointed.
I don't give away spoilers but know this is not a book or a series that you want to miss.. it is absolutely amazingly written and look forward to more.

Fragrance Free by LD Dunbar

5 Stars!!!

Time to revisit Elk Rapids, man I love this town. This is Jacob’s book, Jacob is a well known, bestselling, author who returns to his home in Elk Rapids when he needs some down time, as very few people in Elk Rapids know his identity or where is home is located. He hires Pam, local EMT, to be his personal assistant and they often work closely together. When he returns home to find her asleep and sick on his couch he makes it his mission to get her healthy, and things begin to heat up quickly between the two but Pam knows he has a girlfriend in NY so tries to back away. When Jacob request Pam join him for a week in NY to meet his editor she quickly agrees not knowing what she is in for. As Jacob continues to lead Pam on and takes out showing her NYC and touches all the time, he still has his fiance at home, and since they are all staying in his apartment poor Pam has to see the two of them together, and it does take long for to realize his fiance, Lucy is very abusive towards him. Can their relationship stay professional, will Pam have to cut all ties, or do they really belong together and can they find their way to each other?

Fatal Abduction by Julia Crane 11/3

4 stars

I received this book an exchange for an honest review from addicted to books and authors

This book begins with the abduction of local high school girls each fitting a certain appearance,, Kaitlyn has worked for IFICS as a cyborg for sometime and because of her upgrades knows when people are lying and her heat sensor allows her to know where people are. As she tries to live a normal life and fit in as a human there are still certain things she can not do such as understand emotion. When it is brought to Kaitlyn's attention that she fits the profile f the girls taken she wants to go under cover and catch man known as the doll house killer, especially when he strikes close to home taking a friend of the companies daughter. Can she pull it off with given herself away and can IFICS take down this notorious killer.

This book is told in many POV's including Kaitlyn and the Dollhouse Killers, while it is not something I would normally read I did enjoy it and would read more by this author.

Tamed by K.A Robinson

5 Stars

Received in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authors

This was my first book in the Torn series and I am hooked. We meet Amber who has made many mistakes and feel as if her life is spinning out of control then she meets Adam rock star who always goes home with a different groupie. Amber is instantly attracted to him but does think Adam feels the same until he actually speaks to her one day. As the work out a sex only agreement, Amber finds herself falling more and more for Adam but won't tell him because he doesn't do relationships. When Adam realizes her feels more for Amber he pulls the typical guy move and pushes her away and into the arms of another. Can they overcome everything and be together or will Amber's mistake be the end of them.

More then Friends by Tabetha Thompson

4.5 stars

I received this an exchange for an honest review from addicted to books and authors.

I was drawn in from the very beginning and what I liked the most was both the male and female POV's. Chloe has sworn off men and enjoys her current life working for her long-time friend Tom at his bar. Skye has loved Chloe since high school when he was a geek and afraid to tell her, now he returns and is HOT immediately catching Chloe's eye.

Throughout this amazing book we are taken on a roller coaster of lies and deceit and it really is about learning to trust and letting the past be in the past.


Forever and More by Tabetha Thompson

5 stars

Received in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authors

I was so happy this book picked up where more then friends ended. Chloe is recovering from her physical injuries but her emotional trauma is just to much and she shuts down becoming severely depressed. When one of her “episodes” causes her to return to the hospital she learns some very important news and realizes just how sick she has be come.

This book is more about Skye trying to forgive Chloe for what he thinks she has done, and for Chloe to overcome her illness and snap out of it so that she and Skye can move on, but will it be together or separate.


Bittersweet Catastrophe by Maureen Mayer
5 stars
Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authors
This book takes place after the first two in the series but is told in Shayne's POV. He has found all he has ever wanted in Liberty and for a year they have been trying with no success to get pregnant. When she finally realizes she is pregnant life throws them a major curve ball and we see how real life can be. I don't like to give away spoilers so I won't get to into detail but this book was very emotional and I ugly cried several times. It was very heartwarming to be able to see from Shayne's POV what he felt and how he was dealing with the situation. I LOVE Shayne!
It seems this books just get better with each one. The author just pulls you in and keeps you intrigued and wanting more. I can't wait for Brett's story and more from the whole bunch.

Taste test by LB Dunbar

5 stars

ARC received in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authors

WOW! This was my first read by L.B and I was not disappointed. We meet Ethan who has dreams of being a chef and is given the opportunity to work for a well known author an exchange all he has to do is keep his location, employer, and basically everything secret. On his first day he discovers Ella, his employers niece, also lives there and has secluded her self from the world because of her past.

Ella and Ethan are instantly attracted to each other, yet hate each other as well. Their banter was so fun to read. I am definitely looking forward to the next in the series and I am going back and reading Sound advice asap.

Sterling Sunshine By Cheryl Dragon
3.5 Stars
This is the second in a series but can be read as a stand alone. Gretchen moves to Sterling Alaska, which has a high male to female population find most of the relationships 3-4 men with one women. Toni, Ross, and Matt are already in a complicated relationship but feel as if something is missing from their lives, in come Gretchen catching them all by surprise and showing them what they need to be complete.
While I enjoyed to story I felt like there was just not enough to connect me to the characters and I was left feeling like, that's it? The banter between the guys is hilarious and it was for the most part an enjoyable read
The secret by Kate Benson
5 Stars
Received as an ARC in exchange for an honest review from addicted  to books and authors!
This book was incredible I loved the relationship between Chase and Sophia and then wham ex fiancé Jack comes back from the dead. Sophia was devastated when she thought Jack had died it took her years to be able to open herself up for love and when she meets Chase she knows he is her one and only. When Jack returns she finds herself torn and confused she still loves Jack and the secret they share is one she never wants anyone else to know. The Secret kept me on my twos and wanting more. I myself was torn between Chase and Jack.
This book was amazing and full of emotion I found myself feeling it all. Kate Benson did not disappoint.
Promises hurt by Elle Brooks

5 stars

Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authors.

When her friend Emily loses her battle with cancer Blair is left devastated and with Emily's unfinished bucket list and the request that Blair finish it, which happens to include Ethan Emily's long time crush. As fate would have it Blair is asked to tutor Ethan in math before she realizes who it is, as they began to fall for each other and emotions run high Blair feels as if she is betraying Emily and her memory by being with Ethan and when Ethan discovers the bucket list their love is tested. Fate has plans that could separate them forever. Can they overcome they odds and find their happily ever after?

This was my first read by Elle Brooks and I was not disappointed it was a very well written story and the characters very life like, I felt drawn into it and had trouble putting it down. Looking forward to more by her.


Let me begin by saying thank you to these amazing authors Sienna Mynx, Aliyah Burke, Pepper Pace, Tianna Laveen, Latrivia Nelson, Erosa Knowles, Serenity King, Bridget Midway, and Yvette This box set was overall a great deal and well worth the price

Rallenti by Sienna Mynx is an amazing story, Kyra I found to be annoying but I truly enjoyed the story
Raw Exposure by Aliyah Burke loved Reeve and Affrica and was totally engrossed in the story
Everything is Everything by Pepper Pace Two young lives destroyed by poverty, drugs and violence and yet with love all is overcome. (or so we hope in the next)
Tattooed Moon by Tianna Laveen I love a tattooed man! I found this story to be great, two people from different sides of town find love in the most unusual way.
Vasily's Revenge by Latrivia Nelson was a grand slam read. My first read by this author I look forward to reading more of her work. The Medlov family is deep in crime mot to mention ex-wives and was very torn by the ending
Double Trouble by Erosa Knowles; twins are known for causing trouble but the O'conna twins take you all the way there. Great read
The Wrath of Michael by Serenity King the second book in the Alesi Men Series and I enjyed it so much I was displeased at the ending
Last call by Bridget Midway, good read that include very mild BDSM
Sieged by Rym by Yvette Hines I struggled with this story because paranormal is not my favorite thing to read, but it held my attention well.
Overall this box set is worth the price and it will be enjoyed by those who decide to read it.

~~Cursed Heart~~ Book 2.5 in the Cursed Series by t.h Snyder t.h Snyder is an amazing author I have loved everything she has written and Christian was no different. I loved having his background story, that being said he is NOT the man for Etty. When we were first introduced to Christian in Cursed Ecstasy I really liked him until the way he left things at the restaurant, then I thought "wow, what an a$$". Now we see a little into his past which helps explain his actions more. I do hope we see Christian work through his problems and settle down with a nice women but not Etty, bring on someone new for him but let him become a permanent member of the cursed crew :)

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